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Step 2: Hear your options

In under 10 minutes on the phone, an energy expert will provide clear options. If you decide to switch, all the paperwork will be handled for you and if your current deal cannot be beaten — you'll have peace of mind knowing you're with the right energy retailer.

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" I just helped my 95 year old Grandmother do her comparison... 27% off her future bills! If she can do it then everyone else can!"*

Huyen Penny

Sydney, Australia

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We make a real difference

NSW Business Chamber is an independent, not-for-profit, mission based organisation who puts NSW interests first.

Through advocacy, trusted advice and affordable solutions the Chamber continues to create a fair-go for businesses and helps them maximise their potential. To support this mission, the Chamber now offers a solution to rising energy costs impacting both residents and business. 


Through surveying our members, 90% reported that higher energy costs have reduced their business profits2.


NSW Business Chamber has been advocating for a change and a fair-go for a long time now. This is the first of numerous initiatives we are undertaking to help businesses and homes like yours reduce energy costs.


NSW Business Chamber now offers a FREE energy bill comparison and switching service. We are proud to say we are identifying $421 on average in potential savings per annum for residential3.

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