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  1. We compare electricity prices from the following top energy retailers: Origin, Next Business Energy, Sumo Power, Alinta Energy, Energy Australia, AGL, ERM Business Energy, Momentum Energy, Blue NRG and Power Direct. Retailer availability is based on the commercial relationships the NSW Business Chamber’s subcontractor (who has been engaged to deliver the comparison services) maintains.

  2. Based on NSW Business Chamber Energy & Electricity Survey Results September 2017.

  3. Based on 477 NSW Business Chamber Energy customers who went through the full bill comparison service between 20 February 2018 and 16 July 2018.

You should know we earn a fee from providing this service. The subcontractor engaged to deliver the services on behalf of NSW Business Chamber receives introductory fees from the above energy retailers, a portion of which is shared with NSW Business Chamber in connection with customers who receive the above services.

What we earn supports what we do for you. What we receive is used to offset the cost of providing the service and advocating for change and a fair go on energy for business.

We can compare electricity prices in NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and in the Energex distribution network in south east QLD.