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Savings identified. Help us reach $5 million!

Our goal is to reach $5 million in estimated energy savings in five weeks.

Why? It's about helping businesses and the community by reducing the cost and stress of surging energy prices, whether at work, or in the family home.

The dollars saved can help keep shop doors open, create jobs, and bolster household budgets. The comparison service is an initiative of NSW Business Chamber, an independent, not-for-profit, mission based organisation.

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Step 1: Book your comparison call

Register for your comparison call by completing the form above. Nominate if your comparison is for your business, home or both. If you have it, upload your most recent power bill. Select a suitable time, and our energy experts will be in touch to get your comparison underway. 

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Step 2: Hear your options

In under 10 minutes on the phone, an energy expert will provide clear options. If you decide to switch, all the paperwork will be handled for you and if your current deal cannot be beaten — you'll have peace of mind knowing you're with the right energy retailer.

“Since switching to the energy saving program, Creative Childcare stands to save $11,500 per year. This allows us more money to spend on the kids! And it was so easy.”*

Kymberly Smith, director at Creative Childcare Centre

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Stop the shock, take action now

Act before December to avoid the peak pricing period.

70% of large market contracts end on 31 December. Don't let your business lapse to default rates – or you could be paying as much as 40c at peak. 

The bush pays up to $1000 more for energy than the cities.

SMH recently reported that regional and rural households are paying more for electricity than those living in the city - with an average household annual bill of $3,6853.

An average estimated saving of $1,796 identified on annual energy bills.

The comparison service will either identify an estimated energy bill saving, or at the very least, confirm that you are on the best possible deal - which is peace of mind1.

Don't wait for government intervention, take control.

Any proposed measure to protect business and the community from rising energy prices - including a base or 'default' price for energy - will require time to implement, and may not happen at all.