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Select the time frame that works best for you to receive a call from one of our energy consultants. If anything changes and you cannot take the call, they will leave a message for you to arrange another time.
To speed up your comparison, you can opt to pre-submit a recent energy bill for each account you wish us to compare. You can submit up to 20 files with a max file size of 5MB each.
Let us know if there is anything else we need to know. For example, if the person we need to speak to for the energy comparison is someone other than yourself, or if you wish to compare a number of bills but did not have them on hand to upload.

Your two steps to savings

Book our comparison call

Step 1: Book your comparison call

Register for your comparison call by completing the form above. Nominate if your comparison is for your business, home or both. If you have it, upload your most recent power bill. Select a suitable time, and our energy experts will be in touch to get your comparison underway. 
Hear your options

Step 2: Hear your options

In under 10 minutes on the phone, an energy expert will provide clear options. If you decide to switch, all the paperwork will be handled for you and if your current deal cannot be beaten — you'll have peace of mind knowing you're with the right energy retailer.

Sigma Aerospace are thrilled to have undertaken the energy comparison service with NSW Business Chamber. We’ve identified savings in excess of $6,400.00 per year. We are very pleased to say we have started to realise these savings already. We recommend this service to other businesses who would like to ensure they are getting the best deal.

Matt Wheatley, Sigma Aerospace

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We make a real difference

NSW Business Chamber is an independent, not-for-profit, mission based organisation who puts NSW business interests first.

Through advocacy, trusted advice and affordable solutions the Chamber continues to create a fair-go for businesses and helps them maximise their business potential. To support this mission, the Chamber now offers a solution to rising energy costs impacting business.



Through surveying our members, 90% reported that higher energy costs have reduced their business profits2.



NSW Business Chamber has been advocating for a change and a fair-go for a long time now. This is the first of numerous initiatives we are undertaking to help businesses like yours reduce energy costs.



NSW Business Chamber now offers a FREE energy bill comparison and switching service. We are proud to say we are identifying $1,800 on average in potential estimated savings per annum for businesses3.

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Angus McLellan
Zealous Hospitality

"$3,400 to the whiskey fund, or a new coffee machine to keep the barista’s happy."*

Either way, looks like good times are brewing for the team at Zealous.

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Join these businesses and find potential energy savings in no time

“We are blown away with the savings we were able to make by simply providing NSW Business Chamber a copy of our recent energy bills. They were able to identify savings of $16,700 across both our two bakery businesses and they were a pleasure to deal with. Such a wonderful member benefit the Chamber have provided.”

- Jane Dean, Tumut Pie in the Sky Bakery

“It was a great opportunity to review our account and an easy process to change providers when we found a better rate. A $2,837 saving was identified for our business, which is over four times our NSW Business Chamber membership. This service is just one of the many benefits we enjoy by being part of the Chamber.”

- Sharon Smith, Andor Information Technology

“The savings to our business were fantastic. We saved $481 p.a. and the good thing is we didn’t have to change providers to achieve that saving. We are going to reinvest the money we saved into a really good staff party!"

- Bruce Corbett, Tebroc

“The savings we’ve made from the energy comparison actually mean that we can bring in more vehicles. Saving $1,000 a month means a couple of cars and that’s so important – we are self-funded. That’s gold!”

- Richard Reed, RTCommunications